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Sample Employee Handbook Template

As a team or with team leaders, you will want to write up your company’s “why” in a way that enrolls people in the company’s vision and engages each employee. Moment or as the result of a big failure, your team will want to know where your company came from and how the organization got where it is today.

Please exercise care when recording your hours and leave time taken. Falsifying a time record is a breach of company policy and is grounds for disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination. To ensure that you are paid in a timely and accurate manner, you will be required to record your time worked and your absences on the company’s employee timesheet form. This form should be completed daily and signed and forwarded to your supervisor on a weekly basis. After reviewing the form and resolving any discrepancies, your supervisor will sign the form and forward it to payroll for processing. Vacation policies, leave, and how to request time off definitely need to be included. If you offer health insurance, it’s usually a good idea to acknowledge this in your handbook but refer your team to the insurance provider to explain the nuances.

Workplace Policies (we don’t have any at Slite)

Either party may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice, and with or without cause. Nothing in this employee handbook should be construed as a contract or a guarantee of continued employment. The at-will employment statement is often followed by a signature line. In some states, it is required that the employee sign the at-will statement. As always, it’s best to check your local guidelines prior to using this template for your workplace.

Sample Employee Handbook Template

However, it’s important to remember that state and local laws may vary. These templates provide a general guide for US-based businesses creating policies, but it is always a good idea to check with a local attorney regarding any applicable laws in your region. If an employee so desires, he or she may use vacation time for military service.

Compensation and development

Your employee handbook should include an introduction to the company, including a description of your mission, core values, the leadership team, company staff, and what products or services you offer. This should be followed by a description of the company culture, what happens on your first day with the company, and the benefits and perks you offer.

  • Most companies include this part at the beginning of an employee handbook to set the expectations for the following regulations and policies.
  • An employee handbook is a document containing company policies, values, mission and expectations.
  • Three crucial components for the welcome section are the at-will and contractual disclaimer, the employer’s right to change disclaimer, and the equal opportunity statement.
  • To the extent an exempt or non-exempt employee is required to serve jury duty without regular pay from Employer, s/he may use any available paid time off or may request an unpaid jury duty leave of absence.
  • It allows employees to defer taxation on their compensation by contributing part of it to an investment plan.
  • Neither the author nor Workable will assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of these templates.

Personal days must be taken in either one-half (½) days or full day increments. An employee who uses personal days before and after a holiday is not eligible to receive holiday pay unless an excuse acceptable to the Employer Designee is submitted. Employer developed this policy to ensure that all of its employees work in a harassment-free environment. Employer will make every effort to ensure that all its personnel are familiar with the policy and know that any complaint received will be promptly and appropriately investigated. Employer may not in any way retaliate against an individual who makes a report of harassment, nor may it permit any employee to do so. Retaliation is a serious violation of this non-harassment policy and should be reported immediately.

Exempt and nonexempt employees

There are other benefits to a digital handbook aside from constant availability. You can alter sections without ever reprinting hundreds of pages for each employee. You can also get more personalized by adding GIFs, Images, section links, or references to videos. A strong branding feature like replacing the book logo with your own and linking it back to your site is at your fingertip. Operating on both desktop and mobile, it provides a full employee lifecycle solution from recruitment, onboarding, managing employee records to time-tracking, payroll, and more. He’s a certified HR professional and has managed global teams across 5 different continents including their benefits and payroll.

Sample Employee Handbook Template

Updates should occur anytime an internal policy or employment law changes. Terse, concise, written in bright, happy chunks–and digestible, with nothing but positive affirmations, devoid of conduct directives. An ethical self-help pamphlet with a methodology to improve social relations. A philosophical discourse capable of supporting an internal metaphysical ethos among people who never see each other face to face. Something to keep on your desk or coffee table, to spontaneously pick up every three weeks during periods of abject despair, to reaffirm principles and values conducive to a thriving human spirit. This handbook is a tool to teach one how to deliver “WOW” through service.

Employee Information Form

All passwords or pass codes must be disclosed to Employer or they are invalid and cannot be used. Log-on and other passwords may not be shared with a third party or another employee, unless requested and approved by Employer Designee. Notwithstanding Employer’s right to retrieve and read any e-mail/internet/ communication, link or message, such items should be treated as confidential by other employees and accessed only by the intended recipient. Employees are not authorized to retrieve or read any e-mail/internet/ communication, link or message that is not sent to them.

How do you lead a team well?

  1. How to lead a. team as a first-
  2. Accept that you will still have. lots to learn.
  3. Communicate clearly. Always keep your team fully informed of project goals, priorities and those all-important deadlines.
  4. Set a good example.
  5. Encourage Feedback.
  6. Offer recognition.
  7. Be decisive.
  8. Help your team see the “big.

Trello, another technology powerhouse, is well-known for hosting their handbook, which they refer to as an employee https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ manual, on their platform. Therefore, it is easily accessible as a resource for both employees and researchers.

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The Employer doesn’t ask for, create, request, or receive private healthcare information when conducting normal business activities from its employees. If, however, any employee voluntarily shares personal healthcare information with a member of the Employer, all shared information will be kept confidential. When organizations invest time and resources into building a valuable business, it is crucial that they employ the right people for the job. The new-hire experience sets employees up for success and long-term job satisfaction. On the flip side, a negative onboarding process could turn new hires away right from the start. Still, employers may overlook the value of onboarding and either put it off or give a sloppy orientation.

Sample Employee Handbook Template

Employer strives to create a work environment where all individuals are treated fairly, with respect, and where personnel decisions are strictly made on the basis of job qualifications and merit. ] (the “Employer Designee”), has the authority to enter into any agreement contrary to the above or to enter into any agreement with any employee for any specified period of time. No need to spend hours finding a lawyer, post a job and get custom quotes from experienced lawyers instantly. All Xtensio plans include 128 bit SSL encryption and backups to ensure your data is secure. Here’s more on the range of sharing options on Xtensio, from completely private to public. You can collaborate with team members and guests to work together in real-time on the cloud. And the flexibility to share folios as live web links, digital slideshow presentations or exportable PDF/PNGs means you don’t have to jump between tools when creating different deliverables.

Please ask your attorney to review your finalized policy documents or Handbook. It is also a good idea to adjust these policies to suit the culture of your company. Company culture is grown through how you choose to communicate with employees and how they communicate with one another. Some organizations choose to have more relaxed or flexible policies as part of their company culture. Even simply going through the policy and adjusting the copy to better fit your company’s voice can help integrate company culture. The company encourages you to fulfill your right and duty as a citizen when you are called for jury duty. Please provide your jury duty summons to your supervisor as soon as possible so that proper arrangements can be made to cover your absence.

  • Further, personal cell phones should be turned off during working hours.
  • You can get our employee handbook template, which includes resources for remote and hybrid employees.
  • The most recent revision date of this handbook will inform the reader (and the å) whether it is the most up-to-date handbook available to Employees from the Issuing Company.
  • Final payments, whatever the circumstance of the employee’s leaving, are made on the return of all company property in good condition.
  • It can be confusing to get started on an employee handbook from scratch.

If you have a limited number of parking spaces to give out, outline the criteria you use to allocate these spaces. This is a necessary statement, not only for legal purposes, but also to promote a culture of meritocracy and respect in your workplace. The Family Medical Leave Act applies to private employers with over 50 employees within 75 miles, public agencies, and elementary and secondary schools. Employees will be given two hours off when necessary to vote in federal, local, or state elections. If you believe that you will not have sufficient time outside of work hours to vote, please notify your manager or the HR department at least 48 hours prior to election day. Not every job is suitable for a flexible work arrangement, so there is no assurance that an arrangement can be approved by your manager. An approved flexible work arrangement typically begins on a temporary basis to make sure that the arrangement is workable for you and for your area’s business.

This policy applies equally to all Employer employees and visitors. While at sites outside Employer’s office, Employer employees are required to adhere to the rules and policies regarding smoking at those locations.

  • Creating an employee handbook, whether to solve an issue with workplace culture or with the hope of establishing one as a foundational feature, takes planning and consideration.
  • At Guru, we provide a budget for professional development for every employee after three months, and it grows greatly after employees’ first year.
  • It is an all-encompassing HR document that is extremely important for any organization, regardless of its size and magnitude of operations.
  • Even simply going through the policy and adjusting the copy to better fit your company’s voice can help integrate company culture.

It can also clarify the expectations for job performance and conduct. Writing an employee handbook may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Although there are many different elements that you can include, the most important thing is to make sure that the handbook is clear and concise. Start by outlining the company’s policies and procedures, then go into more Sample Employee Handbook Template detail about each one. For example, if you have a dress code policy, include a section that explains what is considered appropriate attire. Be sure to also include information about benefits, vacation days, and other perks. By taking the time to write a thorough employee handbook, you can ensure that your employees are well-informed and that your business runs smoothly.

21 Visitors in the workplace.

Employee handbooks will be different according to what’s relevant to different companies, but basically, they should explain some basic information about the company and the policies and codes employees should follow. You can include sections on your company’s history, employment policies, codes of ethics and conduct, methods of communication for employees, and outlines of employees’ pay, benefits, and promotions. As a condition of employment, employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement. Employees improperly disclosing or using confidential business information or trade secrets are subject to disciplinary action, including termination and legal action, even if the disclosure does not benefit them.

  • Introduction to company policies and procedures – Having a handbook helps the company communicate its policies and procedure to employees.
  • We respect and permit clothes, hair and accessories related to religion, race, ethnicity or disability.
  • All employee handbooks need to cover the framework for the code of conduct or behaviour expected from employees.
  • All Xtensio plans include 128 bit SSL encryption and backups to ensure your data is secure.
  • If you’re part of a larger company you may have access to an in-house design team that can help you create your template, otherwise you will have to find your own templates.

If an employee requires a pay advance, we also provide that after the employee provides a legitimate reason for wanting the salary in advance. Suppose an employee wishes to be transferred to another company branch, whether to a local or international department. In that case, they must submit a transfer form and reasons for wanting a transfer. Employees who wish to resign are responsible for informing the company three weeks before the resignation date. Then, the resigning employee can refer someone for their position to the HR department.

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